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For 55 years, Spectraserv has provided unique and diverse waste management and pollution control services in Kearny, NJ. These include trucking and barging of industrial and municpal liquid sludge; on-site sludge dewatering; and general contracting. Our services do not stop there. Spectraserv operates one of the largest transfer stations in the state of New Jersey accepting municipal sludge, grit, and screenings. Spectraserv is regularly contracted for tank and lagoon clean-outs as well as general contracting work for wastewater treatment facilities for both municipal, industrial and private customers.


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Effective waste management is not only about transporting and disposing waste and waste by-products. It is about offering a comprehensive solution to the most difficult waste treatment problems clients face. To help you get started, turn to Spectraserv in South Kearny, New Jersey. Our company provides solutions to proper waste disposal, transportation - both barge and trucking, waste treatment, transfer station, and general contracting services to municipal and industral clients. These construction clients include but are not limited to water and wastewater treatment facillities and pumping stations.

Our company started operations in 1961 under the name Modern Transportation Company. We began by transporting waste from facilities to designated transfer stations. In response to the changing needs of our clients, we decided to expand our capabilities to include residuals treatment and construction operations in our line of waste management services. In fact, instead of transporting sludge to another transfer station, Spectraserv is operating one of the largest transfer stations in New Jersey. With the growing needs of our clients, our firm is divided into two divisions — the Construction and Waste Operations divisions.

With numerous business affiliations and a wide range environmental services, we are able to keep up with the latest technology and training, which helps us expand and develop our expertise in the field. A fully permitted and carefully regulated facility, excellent reputation, and reliability help Spectraserv keep serving the great New York City area better and better each coming year.


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