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About Spectraserv

Spectraserv is a trusted waste management and environmental services company in Kearny NJ established in 1961. Fully equipped with tank trailers, vacuum trucks, barges, as well as dewatering presses, construction equipment, and other specialized construction equipment, we are capable of delivering fast and efficient services. Our team consists of a diverse background of personnel including:

Managers • Engineers • Scientists • Mechanics • Drivers • Operators • Craftsmen • Laborers

A Spectrum of Quality Services

Our waste management company in Kearny NJ has versatile capabilities and resources that allow us to deliver either a single service or an integrated package of alternatives. These encompass effective solutions even to the most complex waste and construction challenges. Although we work primarily with clients in the Northeastern and Middle Atlantic States, we also have completed and maintained contracts in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Illinois, and Puerto Rico. See more about our dedicated employees and services on our Qualifications Page.

Certified and Licensed Contractor

In addition to our stellar track record of work performance, Spectraserv was issued an A-901 clearance by the State of New Jersey in 1988, and continues to maintain this clearance via annual disclosures and reporting. This certification is renewed after several state agencies conduct an extensive company investigation. Our clearance gives us the privilege to be licensed in accordance with the terms and conditions of state law. It also entitles us to quick siting approval and permits us to transport waste and conduct projects in the waste management business.

Workers On a Job

Trusted Company for Decades

The waste management division has successfully completed 2,700 contracts since 2005. During that time, Spectraserv has repeatedly proven its ability to efficiently and safely complete both large and small waste management and construction projects – especially for clients with complex specifications and a restricted schedule. To this day, many clients continue to trust our company and our services. In fact, we have more than 25 diverse projects currently at hand.