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Spectraserv was incorporated in New Jersey in 1961. Under its original name of Modern Transportation, the company trucked liquid wastes generated by municipal and industrial customers to transfer stations or provided barge transport services for ultimate disposal at sea. Since that time, the firm has continued to diversify and expand services in response to the changing needs of its clients. Maintaining a vital emphasis on a "hands on" approach, company capabilities have expanded to include a wide range of services for municipal and industrial pollution control facilities. Today, the firm provides this spectrum of services through its fully staffed Construction and Waste Operations Division.

Some of our equipment

Overall, the Spectraserv trained staff includes more than 100 managers, engineers, scientists, mechanics, drivers, operators, craftsman, and laborers. They utilize tank trailers, vacuum trucks, barges, dewatering presses, construction tools and other specialized equipment to solve our clients' toughest solid waste and wastewater management challenges.

Spectraserv's multiple capabilities and resources can deliver a single service, or an integrated package of alternatives that encompasses a solution to the problem. Although Spectraserv works primarily in the Northeast and Middle Atlantic States , it has completed or maintains contracts in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Illinois and Puerto Rico.

In addition to its stellar track record for work performance, it should also be noted that the State of New Jersey awarded Spectraserv an A-901 clearance in 1988. This certification, which is needed to perform solid waste services in the State of New Jersey, is renewed annually on the basis of an extensive investigation by several state agencies' into the background of the company and its principals (owners and key personnel). Receipt of an A-901 clearance enables Spectraserv to be licensed in accordance with the terms and conditions of state law, and enables Spectraserv to receive approvals for the siting and operation of waste and wastewater management activities.

Over the last decade, Spectraserv has entered into and successfully completed more than 2,500 contracts for the transportation, treatment, and disposal/beneficial reuse of waste and residuals and the construction/rehabilitation of water and wastewater treatment plants. In that time, the firm has repeatedly proven its ability to develop and implement both large and small waste management and construction programs for clients with complex specifications and different timelines. Spectraserv is currently under contract for more than 60 projects.

Over the years, many have come to learn that Spectraserv is a full service pollution control company ready to meet the needs of their clients. Whether it is a small or large job, Spectraserv has the experience and expertise to provide the most cost-effective, environmentally sound solution to any project.

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