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Management Team

Steven A. Townsend
President and CEO

Mr. Townsend was appointed Spectraserv’s President and CEO in 1983, and since then he has utilized his executive management skills to ensure the proper allocation of resources for all Spectraserv companies. He retains ultimate responsibility for finances and regulatory compliance, as well as defines the Companies' markets, develops its business plan, and fulfills all contractual obligations. In addition, he is a member of the Board of Directors of each of the Firm's subsidiary companies. Prior to joining Spectraserv, Mr. Townsend spent eight years with the City of Philadelphia Water Department as Chief of Sludge Management. In this role, he successfully led the City's research, planning, and development of alternatives to ocean disposal. Through experience gained in this position and with a previous waste industry employer, Mr. Townsend developed negotiating, project management, and public relations skills important to the success of Spectraserv.

John Wengryn
Senior Vice President of Operations

Mr. Wengryn is the Senior Vice President of Operations where he is responsible for the daily operational management of Spectraserv’s waste operations and construction services divisions. In 1973 Mr. Wengryn joined Spectraserv as a sales and operations coordinator. He assumed the current position of vice president and chief of operations in 1984. Since then, he has become responsible for the oversight of bid and contract preparation, including the estimation of the labor and equipment demands for these proposals. In addition, Mr. Wengryn supervises the development and implementation of operational schedules for work to be performed in both the Waste Operation and Construction Divisions.

Michael A. Stoia
Treasurer/Controller and Risk Manager


As Treasurer and Controller, Mr. Stoia oversees corporate fiscal policy, directs accounting functions and maintains financial documentation for analysis and reporting purposes for Spectraserv and its affiliations. In addition, he manages receivables and payables, and implements and enforces rigorous cost control procedures on every project the Company undertakes. As Risk Manager, Mr. Stoia is involved in the development of Spectraserv’s insurance portfolio. Additionally, he works with loss control specialists to minimize operating and professional liabilities that can cause losses for Spectraserv or its clients as well as to potentially increase costs. Prior to joining Spectraserv in 2010, Mr. Stoia was employed by the accounting firm of Eisner LLP as Audit Director.

Steve Kulcsar
Vice President

Mr. Kulcsar has been with Spectraserv since 1987. Starting as a Project Manager for treatment plant rehabilitation projects and he quickly ascended to the position of Division Manager of the Construction Division and is now a Vice President. He manages and directs Spectraserv's treatment system, construction and mechanical rehabilitation and repair projects applying his experience and expertise to projects as varied and technically demanding as the installation of wastewater treatment equipment, the upgrade of pump stations and the installation of state-of-the-art sludge treatment systems to complete design and build of Water Pollution Control Plants. Mr. Kulcsar is responsible for the oversight of over 30 projects in various phases of development and implementation for Spectraserv’s Construction Division and directs a staff of over 20 engineers, construction superintendents and foreman as well as nearly 40 skilled construction technicians.

Steve Wells
Operations Manager
Mr. Wells initially began at Spectraserv Inc. in 1989 as a project engineer where he successfully engineered many wastewater treatment rehabilitation projects, and was promoted to project manager. Mr. Wells is responsible for the day-to-day management of Spectraserv’s field operations. He monitors the work of project superintendents, foreman, trade labor and subcontractors. He oversees all aspects of jobsite labor activities through final acceptance, including the coordination of division personnel, as required, to optimize scheduled project completion.
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