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Waste Hauling NJ

It all started with trucking.

Spectraserv Inc. (previously Modern Transportation Company) founded its roots in waste hauling in Nj. We truck waste up and down the large part of the east coast of the United States. As client demands grew more diverse, Spectraserv expanded its transportation business to the multi-faceted company it is today.

As a certified A-901 Waste Hauler in NJ, and with applicable transportation permits in New York, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania, Spectraserv has met the demands of some the largest trucking and disposal projects in the region. We have maintained contracts with clients like West Chester County and New York City DEP for decades hauling millions of gallons of non-hazardous liquid sludge. In order to provide reliable service for such large contracts, our roll-off trucks, tractors, and tankers are regularly maintained and inspected to ensure quality control.

Do you have an emergency? Do you have urgent trucking needs? Spectraserv can deliver. Experienced dispatchers, trucking professionals, and a long list of company experience are the components that make up the trucking division. For more specific information about our equipment and trucks, you can view Spectraserv's equipment list by following the link below.

Spectraserv's Equipment List