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Barging Transportation in Kearny, NJ

For over 40 years, Spectraserv has offered barging transportation in Kearny NJ to transport liquid residuals. Spectraserv currently operates two barges that are stored on Spectraserv's site, which boarders the Passaic River. Our barging transportation in Kearny NJ have not only transported over 1 billion gallons of sludge from select municipalities to other clients' locations in the last 14 years, but they have also transported millions of gallons of liquid residual to Spectraserv's onsite storage tanks in order to be dewatered onsite.


Residuals from facilities like Bergen County Utilities Authority, Owls Head Water Pollution Control Plant, Newtown Creek Water Pollution Control Plant, and North River Water Pollution Control Plant have been and continue to be transported to Passaic Valley Sewerage Authority. Clients like Linden Roselle Sewerage Authority, Red Hook Water Pollution Control Plant, Bowery Bay Water Pollution Control Plant and several others are transported to Spectraserv's facility at Kearny, N.J. directly for dewatering and disposal at approved disposal sites.


If you have questions about our barging capabilities or if you have a job that may require large-scale removal of sludge in an area accessible by barge, please feel free to contact us.

Bulk Sludge Removal

Trucking may not be the optimal solution for large-scale liquid residual removal. Trust Spectraserv for barging logistics for water and wastewater treatment plants and pollution control districts.

Unique Services Option

Spectraserv truly endeavors to provide full-service waste management solutions for all customers. Barging is perhaps the most unique of these solutions.

2002 - 2015 Numbers At-A-Glance

Over 1.3 billion total gallons hauled

1,096 trips to client locations

Over 650 million gallons hauled for the NYC DEP

Spectraserv's site has accepted over 115 million gallons

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