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General Contracting - Construction Division

Construction Division Overview

Spectraserv's construction division has completed work at numerous water and wastewater treatment plants, pumping stations, and muncipal and industrial facilities providing full-service mechanical, structural, and waste disposal services for its many clients.

For over 35 years, Spectraserv’s Construction Division has upgraded and expanded the region’s water and wastewater treatment plants on a total system or component basis. Its capabilities in this area draw on extensive hands-on familiarity with sludge, water and wastewater treatment plants and the many treatment technologies they represent. Over the years this has allowed Spectraserv to rehabilitate and repair new and existing water pollution control systems.

Along with the contracting services provided for water and wastewater treatment plants, Spectraserv has performed design/build contracts in partnership with qualified engineering firms including the permitting, design and construction of its own residuals processing plant and residuals transfer building, as well as two wastewater treatment plants for the Department of Corrections in the State of New Jersey.

Spectraserv has also utilized its experience in the operation and maintenance of its own residuals processing and transfer plant to develop the skills necessary to deliver O&M services to municipal and industrial clients.

Spectraserv plant operators and skilled technicians can provide a range of functions from technical oversight to daily operation and maintenance tasks for water, wastewater and solid waste management facilities.

Depending on a client's need and budget, Spectraserv can draw on the select professional, technical, and facilities expertise from each member of our team in both divisions. This flexibility and resourcefulness enables Spectraserv to offer either a total turnkey solution, or an isolated problem-solving approach to its clients' diverse needs.

Construction Division Services

• Construction of Wastewater Treatment Systems
• Pump Station Rehabilitation
• Replacing Pipelines, Flights, Chains, and Pumps
• Installation Of Bar Screens and Pretreatment Systems
• Installation of Dewatering Systems
• Installation of Sludge Management Systems
• Installation of Diffuser Systems 

Frequent Past & Current Clients

• New York Power Authority
• New Jersey Municipal & Industrial Treatment Plants
• Township and City Governances
• New York City and New York State Wastewater Treatment Plants
• Pumping Stations
• New Jersey & New York City Departments of Environmental Protection

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