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Frequently Asked Questions


We try to anticipate questions you might have about our service and provide the answers here. If you need additional information, please call or submit questions under our Contact page.

A responsible representative will answer your additional questions as soon as possible.


1. What type of materials can Spectraserv handle?
Spectraserv can transport liquid and dewatered residual sludge in its trucks, and liquid residuals in its barges. We can also handle grit, screenings, and other material related to wastewater and sludge treatment. If you have a tank or lagoon clean-out at a facility, Spectraserv can provide a quote to remove, transport, and dispose that material. All materials transported and disposed by Spectraserv must be approved first.

2. For tank and lagoon clean-outs, what equipment does Spectraserv use?
Spectraserv has numerous types of pumps that can pump material into its many tanker trucks. Recently, Spectraserv added a vacuum truck to its inventory allowing Spectraserv to remove material in a more efficient fashion not only in lagoons, clarifiers or tanks but in pipes and municipal sewers as well.

3. Is Spectraserv permitted to transport, dispose and process sludge and residuals?
Yes, Spectraserv maintains its New Jersey Pollution Discharge Elimination (NJPDES) permit onsite for processing purposes. Spectraserv has maintained its A901 Waste Hauler certification in the state of New Jersey as well as New York City and New York State Department of Environmental Conservation permits, Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection permits, and specific counties in the states thereof. These permits require thorough background checks, and frequent reporting. At Spectraserv, all trucks and barges are inspected and registered in compliance with state and federal laws.

4. What types of projects does the construction and general contracting division at Spectraserv work on?
In the past, Spectraserv has completed mechanical and structural work for water and wastewater treatment plants, municipalities and pump stations. This includes installation of dewatering systems, installation of sludge management and monitoring systems, installation of pipelines and pumps, installation of diffuser systems, general O&M services for municipal and industrial clients, and general rehabilitation of water and waste water treatment plants. Many times, the General Contracting and Sludge Management divisions both work at a job site removing and trucking the sludge from digestors, wet wells or other structures so that our experienced professionals can maintain, rebuild and/or enhance these structures.

5. Spectraserv dewaters sludge at its site in Kearny, N.J. Does Spectraserv have mobile dewatering equipment?
Yes. For many of Spectraserv's clients, cleaning out a tank and disposing of the sludge on site is a priority. Spectraserv has a mobile centrifuge that can accept liquid sludge and then generate sludge cake. Spectraserv's trucking division then transports the sludge for disposal or beneficial reuse at approved sites.

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