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Clean Outs

Clean Outs in Kearny, NJ

Vacuum Trucks & Vactors
Spectraserv utilizes both types of equipment to clean out many types of residual build-up, grit and screenings, sand, and water runoff.

• Lagoon Clean-outs
• Wet Well Clean-outs
• Storage tank, clarifiers and grit chamber Clean-outs
• Catch basins, pumping stations and septic Clean-outs

Mobile Centrifuges
Spectraserv uses its 30+ years of dewatering expertise at its site in Kearny, NJ, and applies that knowledge to the operation of a mobile centrifuge for many water, wastewater treatment plants, pump stations, wet wells, and septic tanks in the greater New York City area.

• Tanks going out of service
• Over-capacity sludge flow and/or grit
• Liquid sludge dewatering for Storage Tanks, Clarifiers, Septic Tanks

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