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Management at Spectraserv, Inc.

Joseph A. Miele

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Miele has extensive experience in management and business. As the owner of Spectraserv and its subsidiaries, Mr. Miele has guided and overseen the company throughout the last 15 years as it has evolved to better service the needs for clients in the region. Prior to joining the management team at Spectraserv, Mr. Miele was actively involved in the technology industry, real estate development and property management.

Frank M. Brown

Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Brown has held a lead financial role in the environmental, transportation and disposal industry for over 20 years.  He oversees the accounting/ finance team, drives communication between departments, enforces accountability, analyzes performance and reports on the financial results of the operations.


Additionally, Mr. Brown has proven expertise in increasing margins, reducing costs and streamlining procedures.  He is directly involved in the development of Spectraserv’s insurance program and banking relationships as well as enforcing cost control procedures on every project the company undertakes.

Laura M. Jicka

Secretary/Environmental Compliance Manager

Ms. Jicka is responsible for the development of new and expansion of existing corporate policies to achieve the Spectraserv’s overall compliance with Federal, state and local agencies.  In additional to maintaining compliance with all environmental, transportation, health and safety regulations, she is responsible for securing all facility permits and licenses in connection with waste transportation, storage, and disposal. Ms. Jicka also oversees onsite waste acceptance and sampling procedures.

Prior to joining Spectraserv in 2017, Ms. Jicka has held positions at various environmental companies as well as the Florida Department of Environmental Protection with the roles of environmental scientist and project manager. She has over a decade of experience in the environmental and safety industries. Her background includes permitting, environmental remediation, storage tank inspections and regulatory document review.

Steven Wells


Mr. Wells is responsible for the day-to-day management of Spectraserv’s field operations. He monitors the work of project superintendents, foreman, trade labor, and subcontractors. He oversees all aspects of jobsite labor activities through final acceptance, including the coordination of division personnel, as required, to optimize scheduled project completion. He is also responsible for the exploration and estimation of new work for the company.

Mr. Wells initially began at Spectraserv in 1989 as a Project Engineer where he successfully worked on many wastewater treatment rehabilitation projects, and was promoted to Project Manager. During his tenure as Project Manager, he successfully coordinated and managed the timely completion of numerous construction projects, totaling over $100,000,000 in revenue. He became Operations Manager in 2009, and subsequently Vice President and Secretary in 2016.

Diego Barreiros

Vice President

Mr. Barreiros assigns and directly supervises the labor workforce and allocates equipment for all Waste and Trucking Operation projects that Spectraserv undertakes. Furthermore, he supervises tank, digester and lagoon cleaning services, to assure full and timely completion.


Mr. Barreiros oversees the operation and maintenance of Spectraserv’s processing facility and mobile dewatering unit.

Mr. Barreiros joined Spectraserv in 1990 as a deckhand on the Marine Operations.  He continued to gain experience in both the Waste and Construction divisions, but has mainly served in Waste Operations.  Over the course of the years, he has been recognized as a reliable, effective and responsible employee.  This has enabled him to climb through the ranks in positions such as foreman and supervisor.  He became Waste Operations Manager in 2009, as well as fulfilling duties as Health and Safety Officer.


In 2017, Mr. Barreiros was promoted to Vice President of Waste Operations.

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